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Welcome to the Resource Center. Here we have put together a list of helpful documents to assist you in your education and awareness about abolishing the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean

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Protecting Especially Vulnerable Defendants from the Death Penalty Discussions With DPIC

In the latest episode of “Discussions with DPIC,” Robert Dunham, former Executive Director of DPIC interviews Karen Steele (pictured), a researcher and defense attorney in Oregon, regarding the special characteristics of late adolescent defendants facing the death penalty. Research by Steele and others points to the incomplete brain development in those aged 18-21 and how that can be exacerbated in those suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The research has also found that late-adolescent defendants of color are disproportionately sentenced to death.
  1. Protecting Especially Vulnerable Defendants from the Death Penalty
  2. Former Prison Superintendent Frank Thompson on How Executions Affect Corrections Officers
  3. Georgetown Racial Justice Institute Director Diann Rust-Tierney on Reconceptualizing the U.S. Death Penalty as a Violation of Fundamental Human Rights
  4. DPIC’s New Report on the Racial History of Oklahoma’s Death Penalty
  5. Former Governor Brad Henry and Former U.S. Magistrate Judge Andy Lester, co-Chairs of the Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission, Call for Halt to Executions

The Death Penalty The Death Penalty

We talk about whether or not the death penalty is worth it or not
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