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DPIC’s New Report on the Racial History of Oklahoma’s Death Penalty Discussions With DPIC

In the October 2022 episode of Discussions with DPIC, Death Penalty Information Center Deputy Director Ngozi Ndulue and Data Storyteller Tiana Herring discuss DPIC’s recently released report Deeply Rooted: How Racial History Informs Oklahoma’s Death Penalty. The report looks at the racial history, present, and future of Oklahoma’s death penalty. Ndulue and Herring explore Oklahoma’s unique history, the key findings of the report, its relationship to DPIC’s earlier work, and lessons from Oklahoma’s experience that are applicable nationwide.
  1. DPIC’s New Report on the Racial History of Oklahoma’s Death Penalty
  2. Former Governor Brad Henry and Former U.S. Magistrate Judge Andy Lester, co-Chairs of the Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission, Call for Halt to Executions
  3. The DPIC Death Penalty Census
  4. 35 Years After McCleskey v. Kemp, Prof. Alexis Hoag Discusses the Decision’s Legacy
  5. Prof. Meredith Rountree on What Influences Death Penalty Jurors' Moral Decisionmaking

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