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Welcome to the Resource Center. Here we have put together a list of helpful documents to assist you in your education and awareness about abolishing the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean

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Injustice in Virginia: The Case of the “Martinsville 7” Discussions With DPIC

In the January 2021 episode of Discussions With DPIC, Rudolph McCollum and Liz Ryan join DPIC Managing Director Anne Holsinger for a conversation about their efforts to obtain posthumous pardons for the “Martinsville 7,” seven Black men who were executed in Virginia for the alleged rape of a white woman in 1949. McCollum, a former mayor of Richmond, is the nephew of two of the executed men and Ryan is the president and CEO of the Youth First Initiative. They discuss the miscarriage of justice in the case, what a posthumous pardon could mean for the state and family members of the executed men, and how the case fits in with the history of racial injustice in Virginia and current efforts to repeal the Commonwealth’s death penalty.
  1. Injustice in Virginia: The Case of the “Martinsville 7”
  2. Anesthesiologist Dr. Joel Zivot on What Prisoner Autopsies Tell Us About Lethal Injection
  3. Gretchen Engel on the Racist Roots Report from the Center for Death Penalty Litigation
  4. Former Illinois Governor George Ryan on Commuting Death Row and His Journey from Death-Penalty Supporter to Abolitionist
  5. Native American Rights Fund Lawyer Joel Williams on Tribal Sovereignty and the U.S. Death Penalty

The Death Penalty The Death Penalty

We talk about whether or not the death penalty is worth it or not
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