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Welcome to the Resource Center. Here we have put together a list of helpful documents to assist you in your education and awareness about abolishing the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean

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The DPIC Death Penalty Census Discussions With DPIC

In the July 2022 episode of Discussions with DPIC, Death Penalty Information Center Executive Director Robert Dunham and 2021-2022 DPIC Data Fellow Aimee Breaux discuss the making of DPIC’s groundbreaking Death Penalty Census database and some of its key findings. The project, the culmination of nearly five years of work, tracks the demographics and status of more than 9,700 death sentences imposed across the U.S. since the Supreme Court struck down existing death penalty statutes in 1972. The data, Dunham says, reveal “a system that is rife with error, filled with discrimination, [and] very, very difficult to fairly administer.”
  1. The DPIC Death Penalty Census
  2. 35 Years After McCleskey v. Kemp, Prof. Alexis Hoag Discusses the Decision’s Legacy
  3. Prof. Meredith Rountree on What Influences Death Penalty Jurors' Moral Decisionmaking
  4. Rep. Renny Cushing on Empowering Crime Survivors and Repealing New Hampshire's Death Penalty
  5. Julius Jones’ Long Road On and Off Oklahoma’s Death Row, and What Comes Next in His Case

The Death Penalty The Death Penalty

We talk about whether or not the death penalty is worth it or not
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