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18th World Day Against Death Penalty Webinar on October 10th 2020

Theme – Access to Counsel: A Matter of Life or Death
“An online discussion on the right to effective legal representation for individuals who may face a death sentence and the need for conversation around abolition in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados.”
* Juan Melendez – Exoneree: Witness to Innocence (Puerto-Rico)
* Gregory Delzin – Chairman: Trinidad and Tobago Sentencing Commission
* Kevin Medina – President: World Coalition Against Death Penalty (Puerto-Rico)
* Dr David Dorsett- Attorney at Law (Antigua and Barbuda)
* Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon – Archbishop of Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)

*This event falls under a project funded by the European Union*

Featured Content:

Caribbean Diaspora and the Capital Punishment in the United States an overlooked issue – Part I

The objective of this article is to summarize the application of capital punishment to the people from the Caribbean in the United States. The information presented comes primarily from two sources: (1) a page devoted to the situation of foreign nationals under sentence of death and (2) a report issued last April about Puerto Rican facing the death penalty in the United States. The second part of this analysis, to be published later, will examine specific cases and histories of human beings from our region who have been executed or who are awaiting execution in the US.

Access to Counsel: A Matter of Life or Death

October 10th 2020 is the 18th World Day for the Abolition of the Death Penalty worldwide. This year will be dedicated to the right to effective legal representation for individuals who may face a death sentence.

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Report Published on Opinions on Abolishing the Death Penalty in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados

The Death Penalty Project on April 7th published its latest report: Sentenced to Death Without Execution: Why capital punishment has not yet been abolished in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados by Roger Hood and Florence Seemungal with the assistance of Amaya Athill (Former Project Assistant at GCL) This research study provides new empirical evidence based on the opinions of informed, influential citizens of why, in all the six member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Barbados, the death penalty remains on their statute books even though no persons have been executed for many years.


The Greater Caribbean for Life (GCL) calls for more humane living conditions for those on death row GCL calls for more humane living conditions for those on death row. On 10 October 2018 abolitionists around the world will observe the 16th World Day Against the Death Penalty. This year, the World Day will focus onContinue reading “MEDIA RELEASE “

Unjust and Unwanted: Malaysia’s Mandatory Death Penalty

We are sharing with you a link to the DEATH PENALTY PROJECT’s new animation on the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia, “Unjust and Unwanted: Malaysia’s Mandatory Death Penalty. The video was launched at the International Malaysia Law Conference. Click play…

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