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Women and the Death Penalty

This year, the 19th World Day Against the Death Penalty is dedicated to women who have been impacted by capital punishment – those sentenced to death or facing a death sentence, those who have been executed and others who’s lives have been impacted by the punishment in other ways.

In the global context, women’s experiences of the death penalty and the penal system more widely are often overlooked. In response, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty themed this year’s World Day as ‘women sentenced to death – an invisible reality’.

It’s believed that women make up less than 5% of the world’s total death row population, with approximately 800 women currently on death row. In 2020, at least 7 countries sentenced women to death and at least 16 women were executed

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Women Sentenced to Death: An Invisible Reality

Join us as three dynamic activists unpack the realities of gender inequality in the Criminal Justice System for Women on Death Row. About this event REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR VIA ZOOM “Observed every 10 October, the World Day Against the Death Penalty unifies the global abolitionist movement and mobilizes civil society, political leaders, lawyers, public…


The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has caused a disruption in the lives of citizens throughout the region and has exposed the vulnerabilities of thousands. Prisons throughout the region continue to suffer from over-crowding and inadequate sanitation which, given the current situation, leaves prisoners at an increased risk of being exposed to and contracting COVID-19.  The World…

Standing Up for Human Rights

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GCL Launches Educational Toolkit

Greater Caribbean for Life has launched its educational toolkit to assist activists and organisations as they work toward abolishing the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean. The production of this toolkit forms part of GCL’s activities under its EU partnered project to educate on death penalty abolition in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados. The launch…

GCL Executive Members Participate in Virtual Briefing on Death Penalty Issues

Newly appointed GCL executive member Angelina Sookoo-Bobb and GCL Chairperson Leela Ramdeen participated in a virtual briefing on Death Penalty issues as part of the Universal Periodic Review on November 12th 2020. The GCL Members spoke about the current state of the Death Penalty within the rejoin and stressed the need to focus on abolition…

GCL to host Virtual Film Screening

GCL Invites you to attend its Virtual Film Screening of “Juan Melendez 6446”. This film shows the struggle of a Puerto Rican man against the Criminal Justice System in the United States as he was wrongfully convicted and on Death Row for 17yrs, 8 months and 1 day before being exonerated in 2002.

18th World Day Against Death Penalty Webinar

On the 18th World Day Against Death Penalty (October 10th), Greater Caribbean For Life hosted a Virtual Panel discussion on the Death Penalty under the theme, “Access to Counsel: A Matter of Life and Death”. You can watch a replay of the webinar right here on our website.

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