Saint Lucia

Data on Death Penalty:    Summary     /    Detailed

Number of Individuals Currently Under Sentence of Death: 0

Year of Last Known Execution: 1995

St Lucia National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has asserted that his position on the death penalty is “neither here nor there.”

“I am for the law. The law says that if you kill – there are certain categories of murder; that you should face the hangman,” Francis, who also has responsibility for Home Affairs and Justice declared.

He expressed the view that although Saint Lucia has not carried out judicial executions in years, it does not mean that they should not be done.

Senator Hermangild Francis has said that with plans here for constitutional reform, the issue of the death penalty can be put before the people.

“I think Saint Lucians have to have a say as to whether they still want the death penalty or not,” he declared.

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