Antigua and Barbuda

Data on Death Penalty:    Summary     /     Detailed

Number of Individuals Currently Under Sentence of Death: 0

Year of Last Known Execution: 1991

Antigua and Barbuda recently changed its vote to “NO” on the adoption of the moratorium on the death penalty

The Criminal Procedure Act grants the Governor General broad discretion in regulating executions, and it is possible that this authority extends to deciding on the method of execution. The Governor General has the authority to “make such rules and regulations, to be observed on the execution of judgment of death in every prison, as he may deem expedient for the purpose, as well of guarding against any abuse in such execution, as also of giving greater solemnity to the same.” [1] Executions are also carried out in whichever place is ordered by the Governor General. [2]

Death sentences issued by court martials may be carried out in a manner and place to be regulated by the Defence Board.
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