GCL Caribbean Speaking tour

GCL Caribbean Speaking tour to mark
the 12th World Day against the Death Penalty

Commemoration of the 12th World Day Against the Death Penalty has already started in the Greater Caribbean region as GCL has embarked on a Speaking Tour to raise awareness of the inhumanity of the death penalty.

GCL will visit 6 Caribbean countries between 4 – 16 October.
Antigua – 4 October
Jamaica – 5 October
Saint- Lucia – 10 October
Grenada – 13 October
Barbados – 14 October
The Bahamas – 16 October

See articles on the first 2 stops of the Tour:

First stop: Antigua and Barbuda, 4 October

Some 70 persons gathered in St John’s on Saturday evening to hear a public lecture on the Death Penalty, with 3 speakers invited by GCL: Leela Ramdeen, GCL Chair; Renny Cushing and Juan Melendez.  A number of government officials attended the event including the Governor General, the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions. The crowd also included many university students and the media was well represented.  The evening was marked by lively discussion, with a crowd that was generally more in favour of capital punishment.

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From left to right: Anthony Armstrong, Antigua DPP; Renny Cushing; Leela Ramdeen; Juan Melendez; Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin; and Chairman of Human Rights for All, Sir Clare Roberts. (OBSERVER media)

Second stop: Jamaica – 5/6 October

From Antigua, the abolitionist trio headed to Jamaica to speak at a Public Forum in Kingston Sunday afternoon. The audience of about 60 persons comprised mainly lawyers and students.  The debate focused on issues surrounding the use of the death penalty,  its unfair and unequal application,  including questions regarding Mental Health, the theme of the 12th World Day.  On Monday 6 October, the speakers participated in a popular TV Show and 2 Radio programmes.  They also addressed Law Students at the Norman Manley law school.

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Join us

Map courtesy of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Map courtesy of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Dear abolitionist friends and colleagues,

It is with pleasure and optimism that we present you with this effort and call to join forces, strategies and human will with the purpose of eradicating the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean.
The Greater Caribbean for Life organisation (GCL) was created on 2 October 2013, during the Second Conference on the Death Penalty within the Greater Caribbean held in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Greater Caribbean for Life aims at:

  • campaigning for and working towards the permanent abolition of the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean;
  • supporting Caribbean abolitionist activists and organizations in this Region; and
  • collaborating with the international abolitionist community.

GCL is an independent, not-for-profit civil society organization, incorporated under the laws of Puerto Rico.

Join GGL now and contribute to eradicating the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean.
295 Palmas Inn Way, Suite 134, Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791,
Tel: 1(787)375-6787
15 Pinewood Avenue, Ridgeview Heights,Tacarigua, Trinidad, W.I.,
Tel: 1(868)299-8945


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