Memorandum Of Understanding


WHEREAS at an International Conference on the Death Penalty within the Greater Caribbean held in Madrid, Spain on October 17-19, 2011, the participants consisting of human rights advocates and representatives of civil society organizations from various countries re-affirmed their commitment to fighting against the Death Penalty and State executions;

WHEREAS the participants from countries within the Caribbean Region agreed to work together to establish a sustainable organization and network of persons and civil society organizations who share this objective;

AND WHEREAS the participants elected a Working Group to spearhead such purpose under the ad-hoc name of Greater Caribbean for Life.

IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED and understood that the undersigned, being committed to the said objective will:

(1) support the efforts of the Working Party to establish a framework for a sustainable regional organization aimed at the elimination of the death penalty and State executions;

(2) seek to enlist the support and participation of persons and civil society organizations in this endeavour;

(3) provide the Working Party with suggestions and proposals for the framing of the Constitution and programes of the said Network; and

(4) subscribe to and encourage others to subscribe to the aims and objectives of the regional Network and its establishment.

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