The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has caused a disruption in the lives of citizens throughout the region and has exposed the vulnerabilities of thousands. Prisons throughout the region continue to suffer from over-crowding and inadequate sanitation which, given the current situation, leaves prisoners at an increased risk of being exposed to and contracting COVID-19.  The WorldContinue reading “STATEMENT ON REGIONAL PRISON CONDITIONS AND TREATMENT DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC”

GCL Launches Educational Toolkit

Greater Caribbean for Life has launched its educational toolkit to assist activists and organisations as they work toward abolishing the death penalty in the Greater Caribbean. The production of this toolkit forms part of GCL’s activities under its EU partnered project to educate on death penalty abolition in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados. The launchContinue reading “GCL Launches Educational Toolkit”

GCL’s Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly

The Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of the membership of Greater Caribbean For Life will be held on October 24th 2020 at 10:00am AST via ZOOM An Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly is used as a way to meet and deal with urgent matters that arise between meetings of the General Assembly. What will happenContinue reading “GCL’s Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly”

Report Published on Opinions on Abolishing the Death Penalty in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados

The Death Penalty Project on April 7th published its latest report: Sentenced to Death Without Execution: Why capital punishment has not yet been abolished in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados by Roger Hood and Florence Seemungal with the assistance of Amaya Athill (Former Project Assistant at GCL) This research study provides new empirical evidence based on the opinions of informed, influential citizens of why, in all the six member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Barbados, the death penalty remains on their statute books even though no persons have been executed for many years.