Women Sentenced to Death: An Invisible Reality

Join us as three dynamic activists unpack the realities of gender inequality in the Criminal Justice System for Women on Death Row.

About this event


“Observed every 10 October, the World Day Against the Death Penalty unifies the global abolitionist movement and mobilizes civil society, political leaders, lawyers, public opinion and more to support the call for universal abolition of capital punishment. The day encourages and consolidates the political and general awareness of the world-wide movement against the death penalty.” – World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Greater Caribbean For Life joins in observance of the global theme for 10 October 2021, which has been dedicated to women who risk being sentenced to death, who have received a death sentence, who have been executed, and to those who have had their death sentences commuted, exonerated, or pardoned.

“Women’s needs in prison are frequently ignored. This is attributable to gender discrimination and stereotypes of women embraced by the criminal justice system: ‘popular as a victim, forgotten as a defendant’. This ignorance is even more pernicious in the case of women on death row.” – Penal Reform International and Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide | A factsheet on prison conditions for women facing the death penalty

Our Speakers are active in the women’s rights and abolitionist movement in the Caribbean and globally and will unpack the impact of gender discrimination that expose women to intersecting forms of structural inequalities in the Criminal Justice System.

This virtual event falls under the European Commission Project EIDHR/2017/ 394-69 “Building a Platform for Abolition: Strengthening the Anti-Death Penalty Movement in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.”

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